Update: If you are using Wordpress we now have a plugin to install the widgets, otherwise use these steps for any HTML website or CMS that allow HTML editing. 

There are two parts to the installation, the first part is installing code on your website landing page (signup form, referral tracking, etc) and the second part is installing code on the community page (where your fans complete activities for incentives). We will connect them together for redirection, user management, and referral attribution. 

We recommend you first get the setup working and complete a successful signup as a test before adding incentives, customizing, and styling. Estimated time is 2-5 minutes.

Landing Page Install

> Queue /Campaign Setup/Conversion Setup

1. Add Landing Page URL

We will show you the Queue SDK and conversion widget embed code once you add your landing page URL to the top of this section (can be test page and you can change this later). This is where your leads will enter the campaign. You can have multiple entry points into your community page as long as they all have the Queue SDK and signup forms, however the one you provide on this page is where we send referrals. So if you use a test landing page for setting up be sure to change this later before launch. Referrals shouldn't be treated any differently than other new visitors. 

2. Add Queue SDK

Next you will add the Queue SDK manager to the header of your landing page as it will generate the Queue signup forms and conversion widgets. This is required for all pages you wish to feed into your campaign as well on as the community page.

3. Add Signup Form(s)

Now you will need to add our signup form(s) to the landing page. Our forms are used for referral attribution, authentication, verification, social login (we collect the name and email) and page redirection. We will later reconfirm the correct email with the user. We can send lead data to your email provider or you can export CSV later. 

Add the tags below to generate the forms. You can customize them later.

4. Add Conversion Widgets & Tools

We highly recommend you add the following optional widgets and tools to your site as they will help to increase your lead conversion rate. You can do this later after you properly tested the setup. Refer to the landing page guide for more details.

Community Page Install

> Queue dashboard/ Campaign Setup / Community Setup

You will need to create a custom community page (this is like a enhanced thank you page as it will feature a theme, reward incentives, and Queue viral community hub),

New leads will enter the community widget from the Queue signup forms and will be redirected to the community page. You can also important seed contacts and send them directly here with the smart login links. Users can also re-enter here.

1. Add Community Page URL

Enter the community page in this section and we will generate your embed code. 

2. Add the Queue SDK

Next you will add the Queue SDK manager to the header of the community page.

3. Add Queue Community Hub

Next you will add the queue community tag to populate the viral community hub widget. Note the widget will appear empty at first until you enter in your first user.

4. Testing The Setup

You should next test the setup. Try signing up a new test lead to ensure a new user is able to enter campaign correctly. Add a comment to have the user also show up on the social proof widget (if you added to your landing page). Next try testing that viral referrals are working by sending your invite link to another email address. You can test new leads using email format example+77@gmail.com (they won't count).

Check out our demo here for an example of a proper campaign and widget setup.

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