The goal is is less friction and when using email marketing either to activate a contact list you important or to email the community to encourage engagement we highly suggest you use our smart login links that enable users to click the link and automatically log into the campaign immediately on desktop or mobile. Also the Queue trigger emails already include the smart login links as defaults.

Getting Smart Login Links

In the manage area under "export data" you will see a report called email smart links. Please download that file which will include the login links for your users.

Import to Email Provider

Next you will import the list to your email provider to append the additional user data to your email custom attribute fields. For example Mailchimp will add the data field columns first_name, invite links, and smart logins as merge tags. You also don't need to create a new email list, you can just add to existing list.

Preparing Email Blast

To prepare your next email blast you will set up the merge tags the same way you personalize first names and other custom attributes. We recommend you embed the smart login links given the length of the security code inside a word or phrase to ensure the email looks clean. Something like "check your status here" or "go here to see special rewards" with merge tag embedded inside. 

Send Test Email

We highly recommend you send a test email to ensure they are setup correctly. You should be able to click the link and go inside the campaign as logged in.

Good luck. Send us any questions if you get stuck with this. 

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