This guide will show you how you can best setup your landing page for success with Queue. For the technical setup please refer to the Queue installation guide.

Here are the key elements of the landing page:

Sign- Up Forms (required)

Make sure you only use our signup forms on your landing page.

  • Add above the fold of the landing page with clear call to action above it
  • Only people with an email addresses can pass through Facebook Login
  • People can enter back in with email address or through Facebook Login
  • We can pass on the signup data to mailchimp or 3rd party after validation

Friend Greeting Bar (recommended)

This is shown to referrals when they arrive at your landing page.

  • The bar will be shown on top of the browser and in your highlight color.
  • You can customize the CTA in the text area directly under the widget tag.

Social Proof Display (recommended)

  • Make sure you give it a header such as "Here's what people are saying:"
  • The top fans with comments will show up here. If you are starting a campaign and testing you may want to seed it with initial users and some comments.
  • You can moderate the comments in the Management area/Campaign users

Exit Modal Popup (recommended)

  • Exit popup will show after 10 seconds when the user tries to exit page
  • You can customize the CTA in the text area directly under the widget tag.

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure you test the landing page(s) for mobile and all browsers
  • Use a branded highlight color to make your widgets and actions pop
  • Remove all existing social sharing and other signup forms on the page
  • Consider adding a small "already signed up?" link on the homepage for existing users that will re-direct to the community and reveal login area
  • Make sure you update the final landing page URL in the campaign setup area in conversion setup area and test referrals before launching your campaign
  • You can have multiple sign-up forms on a page and multiple pages entering users to support A/B testing, multiple site entry points, and group campaigns.
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