This guide will show you how to best setup your community page for success with Queue. For the technical setup please refer to the Queue installation guide.

Think of the community page more than just a "thank you page" but more like a VIP fan club. This where users participate, engage, and advocate for your brand.

Here are the key elements of the community page:

Community Header Area

You will want to provide your community page with a header name and theme that creates a sense of unity, purpose and social belonging around your brand.

  • Consider names that speak to your users feeling special, exclusive, or having shared mission such as "insider club", "fan community" or "team your brand".
  • No need to say "thank you" in the header, as we already provide a welcome modal for first first time users and a "welcome bak" one for returning users.
  • You might want to list a community CTA under the header such as "share, refer, and engage to win a trip to New York and other exclusive prizes".
  • Be sure to keep the header area short enough that you can still see the top of the social community above the fold of the page to maximize activation.

Community Reward Incentives

Queue lets you offer multiple incentives and flexible ways for fans to earn or win them but it is up to you to describe what those incentives are to your community.

  • You will want to provide reward incentives that most appeal to your target audience and have them clearly organized along with how to qualify/win.
  • Consider using a "viral giveaway" for your grand prize reward. The more points people earn the more entries they will earn. This is most democratic.
  • Consider a group contest for your second tier rewards such as first 25 gets this, the next 100 get this, etc. This reduces fraud and increases participation.
  • Consider a goal based reward for incentives that you are ok giving a large quantity for. Such as reach 100 for a free sample, T-shirt, status, or discount.
  • Considering listing the rewards horizontally below the page header or on the right side as showed above. You can provide additional information on the rewards, qualifications, and any rules & regulations at the bottom of the page.

Community Hub Leaderboard

You will want to ensure the community hub leaderboard is shown above the fold when new users enter as this will increase participation and overall performance.

  • Users can preform several engagement actions and refer their friends using personal invite links we provide them for each activity or in referral activity.
  • Users can see which of their friends and referrals have joined the campaign, their confirmation status, and their campaign performance for social status.
  • Users can see their rank position and progress of themselves and others in the community. Engagement emails include smart activation links for re-entry.


  • Make sure your community page is well designed. The more enticing, clean, and fun your community page is the more fans will want to engage with it.
  • Don't use the words thank you, welcome, or things like that because the widget dynamically displays a model first users and another for returning.
  • Make sure you test all the activities, referral links, and sharing images (those with OG and uploaded. Also see how it looks in mobile and other browsers. 
  • We recommend you prioritize the brand over the campaign to new people as they would first want to understand who and what you are about before they are willing to participate in campaigns and evangelize your brand socially.


Design layout:

Event and influencer example:

New brand and hardware example:

New brand and mobile app example:

Many more possibilities exist. The only limit is your imagination...

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