Things to consider before you launch your campaign:

  1. Test new user signup - enter a new email (use + for trying more users) and see if it goes to the right page and that they are given the welcome points.
  2. Test the social actions - make sure the social sharing are showing the right content images and social follows are connected to the right social pages.
  3. Test the referral links - make sure the personal referral invites are going to the correct landing page and upon confirmation the referee is given points.
  4. Test the engagement emails - make sure copy is good & short to the point, and smart links work to encourage people to get back inside the campaign.
  5. Test the incentive copy - make sure its clear what the rewards are and how to qualify for them. Perhaps ask friends or co-works if the incentives are clear.
  6. Test different environments -  make sure the widgets are looking good in mobile (they are responsive) and fast across different web browser types.
  7. Pre-seed early users - make sure you invite a dozen of so early users and have them do all the activities and comments, to encourage others to follow.

Now you are ready to launch your campaign!

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