Campaigns that seed their community with users who are already familiar with their brand, product, or promotion a much better chance of being successful.


Established brands or organizations already have an audience (owned media assets) on their social media channels, newsletter subscribers, lead contacts, existing users, customers, or partners they will utilize to seed their campaign.

New brands or organizations that lack an existing audience are strongly advised to recruit a small group of qualified people who have expressed interest or build a waitlist. This is usually done through advertising to send initial traffic (usually for testing), inviting personal contacts, social media influencers, or partner networks.

Seed Selection

For established brands that already have an audience to start with you might want to identify a segment of 500 or more people that you feel would contribute the most to the campaign by seeding them into the campaign. These might be your best customers, top advocates, VIP signups, or pre-identified influencers.

New brands should leverage their early waitlist of interested signups, beta users, pre-qualified partner affiliates, or pre-selected influencers to use as the pre-seed. 

Seed Activation

Now that you have recruited or selected your pre-seed group you will now need to activate them. This involves loading them into the campaign by importing the contacts, optionally giving them bonus points, and inviting them to participate.

We have made it easy for you to seed your campaign by generating smart login links that you can then export and import to your email provider as tags to make it frictionless for seed users to enter the campaign without having to sign-up again.

Now that you have seeded your campaign you are now ready to launch it!

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